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Hyderabad: +91-9392752020 | Bhubaneswar: +91-6371750396, +91-674-2653248
Vijayawada: +91-8688863164 | Visakhapatnam: +91-6302432118

The HomeCare service was launched by the L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) in midst of the COVID pandemic to ensure continuity of care for patients who were unable to visit the LVPEI centres, especially the elderly patients. The feedback received so far has been very heartening. Currently, the service is available to patients within a predetermined radius (10-25 Kms) from LVPEI’s Kallam Anji Reddy campus at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, and Mithu Tulsi Chanrai campus at Patia, Bhubaneswar. The service is available from Monday to Saturday - 09.30 am to 4.00 pm.



Home visit by trained eye care professional
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Our trained vision technician or optometrist will visit the patient’s home and perform a comprehensive eye examination and record the patient's visual acuity, intraocular pressure, and anterior and posterior segment photographs. All this while all the COVID safety protocols will be followed.

Sharing of health record with the ophthalmologist using HomeCare app
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This data will be uploaded on the HomeCare app which will be reviewed by an ophthalmologist at LVPEI’s dedicated teleophthalmology centre.

Video consultation and prescription generation with the ophthalmologist
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The doctor will then do a video consultation with the patient and prescribe/ recommend glasses/spectacles, medicines, further investigation, or surgery; as per need of the patient. Link to an e-medical report will be provided to patient.

Provision of ordering spectacles from the comfort of your home
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If the patient has been prescribed spectacles, they can place an order at LVPEI's in-house optical outlets; and their glasses will be couriered to them (cost as per actuals)


Banjara Hills









Hanumanthawaka Junction


INR 1000/-

Applicable for Bhubaneswar, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam

INR 1500/-

Applicable for Hyderabad

INR 500/-
Group Appointments

A minimum of 10 patients are required at the same location
Within radius of 10-20 kms from the main campus

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • The main aim of HomeCare service is to reach out to those patients who need eye care but cannot physically visit our centres. The following services are covered under HomeCare:

      - Comprehensive eye examination (dilation if advised by eye doctor)
      - Video consultation with the eye doctor
      - Advanced eye investigations like Visual field test (based on doctor’s advice)
      - E-report (includes spectacle prescription)
  • No

    • - Teleconsultation at LVPEI happens via ConnectCare app through a voice or video call, and later the patient receives an e-report on their device. It does not involve a physical examination and is more suited for follow-up patients previously examined (or those who underwent surgery) at LVPEI.

      - Homecare is a step further than ConnectCare (teleconsultation). A team physically visits the patient at their home and the eye doctor connects with patient on video-call. It is suited for both new and existing (follow-up) patients.

  • The HomeCare service is currently only available in the vicinity of LVPEI’s Kallam Anji Reddy Campus in Banjara Hills campus, Hyderabad, and LVPEI’s Mithu Tulsi Chanrai Campus in Patia, Bhubaneswar. To book an appointment, click: Book Individual Appointment I Book Group Appointment

  • Individual appointment: When you are booking an appointment for only one patient

      - Group appointment: When you are booking an appointment for a group of people in the same location. Group appointment service can be availed for minimum 10 number of patients.

  • The charges for individual appointment are as following:

      - INR 700/- (Within radius of 10 km) - INR 1000/- (Within radius of 10-20 kms)

    The charges for group appointment are as following (cost per patient):

      - INR 500/- (Within radius of 10 km)

  • Yes.However, priority is given to elderly and premature children.

  • No, emergency eye care is not covered under theHomeCare service at LVPEI.

  • A routine eye examinationtakes about an hour. In certain cases where there is a need for dilatation or investigation, the process may take longer.

  • The patient needs to be comfortably seated in a closed room where the lights can be dimmed. Based on the need, an electrical plug point might be required to use certain equipment.

  • Yes. If you are a new (fresh) patient at LVPEI, you can still avail the HomeCare service - provided your home falls within the above-mentioned coverage area.

  • HomeCare service is available from Monday to Saturday - 09.30am to 4.00pm.

  • Yes.It is feasible to reschedule or cancel the appointment. Cancellation needs to be done a day prior to the scheduled appointment to avail the refund.

  • Yes.The link to download your medical report will be shared with you on your listed email id/mobile number after the check-up is completed.

  • For further information or for any queries, please contact: Bhubaneswar +91 674 2653248/6371750396 ; Hyderabad :+91 9392752020